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Many factors including humidity, fresh air and temperature can all contribute “why” the mushrooms aren’t growing. I always say that they have a mind of their own! Sometimes they fruit within 3 days after opening and others times they can take up to 2 weeks. If all else fails you can shock the kit by submerging in cold water for 12-24 hours (If the mycelium mass is thick and you can’t see any wood substrate you need to scrape of the mycelium with a fork so the water can penetrate into the kit, weighing it down with a heavy object. Drain off excess water by lightly squeezing the bag from the cut X. You can also cold shock it by placing in the fridge for 2 days, placing it under the humidity tent and starting over. Crazy as this seems – smacking the kit with the palm of your hand 5-7 times can sometimes induce pinning! If still you have no success, contact us directly we may request a picture. 

Lion’s mane will turn brown if the fruiting body is misted directly and water sitting on the fruit doesn’t dry quickly. Low humidity can also cause browning or leaving it grow for too long. While it doesn’t hurt the mushroom, it can make the flavour bitter. 

We recommend starting your kit within a week after receiving. You can delay growth for weeks or even months by placing it in the fridge. The only kit not recommended for refrigeration is pink oysters – they do not like the cold and the mycelium may die.  

Many factors such as light, humidity, temperature and fresh air will determine how big and how many pounds/kilograms you will get from our kits. Anywhere from 1-2 pounds, first flush is usually the biggest. You can expand the grow kit after fruiting by adding more substrate to the original kit, using a new bag or bucket (instructions on our “learn” page) Products most often used are hard wood fuel pellets, straw or hard wood shavings. 

It is common to see little mushrooms forming inside the bag and not where you cut the X. Any little type of oxygen the mushrooms receive will cause them to pin. They will not interfere with the other mushrooms where you cut the X that will begin to grow, leave the pins inside the bag and forget about them. If you cut too many holes to “release” the mushrooms it will dry out the bag. The more mushrooms you have fruiting at once the more energy it will suck out from the nice cluster that you are trying to achieve. Think of it like suckers on a tomato plant, you cut them off to give energy to the fruiting body of the  plant. 

If your order came damaged you must contact us within two days of receiving. Canada post will leave a note on order about the damage. A picture of the note must be sent to Mushrooms Etc within two days. 

Mushrooms Etc takes great pride in providing healthy grow kits. All kits are produced/colonized in the cleanest conditions and inspected upon shipping. If you receive the kit and feel that something is not right please contact us immediately before opening, a picture may be requested. We cannot be responsible for contamination after opening the grow kit as conditions vary from house to house and failure to follow instructions on how to fruit our grow kits.

Oyster mushrooms are an easy kit to grow at home for beginners. Simply follow our instructions and watch the beauty begin. 

Mushrooms Etc ships throughout Canada using Canada Post and located in Midwestern Ontario. Shipping is free on orders over $99 (Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba) and flat rate shipping of $19. All other provinces shipping is free on orders over $149 and flat rate shipping of $25. 

We do not ship internationally. 

Mushrooms that grow distorted are usually caused by high CO2 and not enough fresh air exchange. Mushrooms breathe in oxygen and release CO2. Take off the distorted cluster and compost, tape up the hole on the bag and let kit rest for a week. Start again following the second flush instructions. 

I get asked this question a lot, my response is “All mushrooms are magic” and truly they are! 

Psilocybin mushrooms are illegal to possess in Canada, we do not sell kits, cultures or dried. 

Oysters should be harvested before the caps start to curl up or browning/drying is visible on the edge of the caps.

There are many great Facebook groups which will help you understand the 1, 2, 3’s of growing, it can be a bit overwhelming at first! Books are always a great resource, ones I recommend are Paul Stamets “Mycelium Running”  “Growing Gourmet and Medicinal Mushrooms” Tradd Cotter “Organic Mushroom Farming and Mycoremediation” Peter McCoy “Radical Mycology”  

Check out our “Learn” page, we will be adding to it on a regular basis. Topics on exciting products/edibles you can create using mushrooms. Some examples are mushroom jerky, Hericium nuggets, mushroom salts, creams/lotions, soaps, teas, tinctures and pots for plants made from mycelium. The list goes on and on! 

If the mushrooms decide to fruit at the lowest point of the X simply tilt the front of the kit up with an object to raise the forming body so they have room to expand. You may need to shorten the wooden skewers to make room for the humidity tent. 

Mushrooms Etc is currently defined as a small business by the Government of Canada and not required to charge GST/HST.    We will introduce tax accordingly when meeting the threshold.

All mushroom mycelium runs different, oysters/reishi have a stronger mass of branching while others are whispy and feathery such as lion’s mane. 

The kit can be broken up and placed in your composter or added to your garden. It’s a great soil amendment and adds many nutrients, helps with water retention, permeability, water infiltration, drainage, aeration and structure. If it’s an oyster kit you can attempt to expand the kit and grow more mushrooms! Instructions are on our “learn” page.

Tape the hole shut and let bag rest for two weeks in a cool dark place. Cut an X on the opposite side of the kit and follow instructions from first flush.

If no new mushrooms emerge within 9 days, or you notice your kit has gotten very light, then it will need to be rehydrated. Remove tape and lightly rough up substrate with fork, submerge the kit (bag and all) in cold water for 12-24 hours, use a heavy object to weigh it down, drain off all the water. Lightly squeeze out any excess.

Place kit back under humidity tent and begin misting following instructions from first flush. It may be possible to get a third flush before the mycelium has exhausted all the food resources available in the kit. Once no more mushrooms appear, it is time to remove from bag and compost the kit. The mushroom block is a super soil amendment in your garden, simply break it up and turn over in the soil.  You can also break up the spent mushroom kit and add more hardwood chips/straw and start an outdoor grow bed or expand (instructions on our “learn” page)


If you are having difficulty following our provided instructions we have a video that you can follow!
Setting up your mushroom grow kit
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