This is a simple way to make mushroom substrate using straw and hard wood fuel pellets for oysters. The straw is pasteurized –  Pasteurization is a heat-treated process that destroys pathogenic microorganisms. I used finely chopped straw – brand is “Straw Boss” you can purchase it at feed stores. You can either use bags or buckets with holes to place the substrate in once finished. Use one of our kits to expand or make you own grain spawn. 

Straw soaking in boiling water

Fill up bucket with straw and pour boiling hot water on top, enough until the straw is covered. 

Place lid on tip and let it sit for 1 hour.

After the hour is up drain the straw on wire with mesh netting underneath. Let the straw sit to dry for approx. 3-4 hours stirring occasionally. You can also dry it outside and the time would be much shorter. 

Take a tissue and lightly squeeze the straw every hour to test, if the tissue is still damp you will need to air dry the straw longer. The tissue should barely have any water on it for it to be ready. When you feel the straw is dry dump it into a large plastic container. 

Add hard wood fuel pellets that have been expanded to 1-1 ratio, in this photo I used 2 cups hard wood fuel pellets to two cups water. I directly pour the grain spawn (in right of photo) into the large plastic container using about 3-4 cups. You can break up one of our kits to expand the grow and add to the straw substrate. The gloves are for mixing all the products together and always use hand sanitizer on them first. This method works well with any oyster variety, other mushrooms require sterilized procedures for best results. You also can use straw and eliminate the pellets. 

Use either a bucket with pre-drilled holes or bags, in picture I used a bread bag! Depending on how big your container will determine how long it will take for the mycelium to colonize the substrate. Medium sized buckets can take up to a month or longer, small bags take about 3 weeks. With bags I leave the top slightly opened for air exchange using a loosely tied bag tie and make three holes at bottom using a clean screw driver. Once the mycelium is visible throughout the bag it’s time to cut a X and watch the beauty begin. 

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