A biodegradable pot, the products you can make from mycelium is endless! I used hard wood fuel pellets and reishi grain spawn to make this beauty. You can use any type of plastic pot. 

Depending on the size of pot your filling will require how much hard wood fuel pellets you will need. For this one I used 2 cups pellets with 2 cups hot water to expand. Add 1 cup of reishi grain spawn to cool hydrated pellets mixing together in plastic container. Using hand sanitized dish/latex gloves start at the bottom of the pot laying down 2″ of substrate, mold the pot with the mixture pressing and molding the substrate against the pot working up towards the top. Picture is 1 week into colonization. 

Wrap the whole pot with a clear plastic bag leaving the top opened with a paper towel inserted as to avoid contamination while colonizing. 

After about 3 weeks I took the mold out of the pot. I had a very hard time getting the form out of the pot, sadly I had to break the pot open to get the mold out. I placed the mold back in the plastic bag for 2 more weeks and lightly misted daily. 

Starting to colonize all over the pot, took about 4-5 weeks. 

Baby reishi starting to grow. 

Tip Toe through the tulips. 

Complete… I would of liked for the mushrooms to get bigger, the substrate dried out and the reishi dropped it spores. Still looks great!

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