This is a simple way to make mushroom tinctures. I use this method with all my tinctures including fresh or dehydrated lion’s mane, reishi, turkey tail and chaga. Using a dual extract method of first soaking the fungi in 40% proof vodka for six weeks. 

  • Disclaimer: I’ve written this method based on my own research and experience. Please do your own research and/or consult a healthcare professional to be sure mushroom tinctures are right for you.

Use fresh/dried Lion’s Mane and chop into small pieces. Fill up jar with 3/4 fresh mushrooms (1/2 dehydrated) and pour alcohol until mushrooms are fully submerged. After six weeks the tincture will turn a light brown colour.

Keep tincture in a dark area until the required time period is up. Add more alcohol as needed if any of the mushrooms are exposed to air. Shake daily.

Strain into a large cup and set aside the mushroom infused alcohol, cover with plastic wrap.

Take strained mushrooms and place in crock pot.

Use enough water to cover the mushrooms and place the setting on warm, let simmer for 24 to 36 hours.

Add more water as necessary if the mushrooms are no longer covered due to evaporation.


Add 1/3 of the mushroom water extraction (Strained) to the alcohol soak, stir well.



Pour the finished product into glass bottles or mason jars and store in a dark cupboard as you do not want to spoil your tinctures with exposure to light. 


Using a small funnel pour the tincture into individual dropper bottles. Shake before use.

I take 1 tsp daily in my morning coffee.  

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