Freckled Chestnut Grow Kit – Pholiota adiposa

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Freckled chestnuts is a stunning example of a mushroom with small rounded brown caps, bits of the veil often stick to the cap after it has opened. It is a slower mushroom to mature which makes it exciting to watch grow.

Chestnuts have a unique make up similar to shiitake, after the cooking process it maintains it’s firm/crunchy texture and plays well in cream sauces. Chestnuts have notes of a peppery finish and mild nutty earthy flavour, your kitchen will smell absolutely divine while frying! It excels in miso and other brothy soups; or lightly marinate and grill on your BBQ for chestnut kebabs.

You can refrigerate kit for up to four – six weeks if not ready to fruit upon receiving or buying more than one to fruit at a later date.

*Price includes humidity bag and four skewers

Prime fruiting temperature for Chestnuts is between 10 – 21 celsius

Weight 3.5lbs – 1.58kg

Freckled Chestnut Grow Kit Instructions

Weight 3.5 lbs
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