Grey Dove Oyster Mushroom Grow Kit – Pleurotus ostreatus

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Grey dove oysters are an easy mushroom to grow at home. They prefer a cooler environment than other oysters. Spring, Fall and Winter are great seasons to fruit grey oysters for best results. I have had them fruit outside in early April with snow still on their caps!

Starting out black and turning a gorgeous brown hue as they mature. Greys have a mild flavour with thicker stems and larger caps, some describe the flavour as very mild and woodsy.

Fully cook mushrooms before consuming, do not eat raw.

You can refrigerate kit for up to four – six weeks if not ready to fruit upon receiving or buying more than one to fruit at a later date.

*Price includes humidity bag and four skewers

Prime fruiting temperature for Grey oysters is between 10 – 19 celsius

Weight 4lbs – 1.81kg

Oyster Grow Kit Instructions

Weight 4 lbs

1.81 kg

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