Outdoor Mushroom Grow Kit – Wine Cap – Stropharia Rugosoannulata

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Wine caps are beautiful regal mushrooms with it’s burgundy cap and distinctive taste. Also known as king stropharia, garden giants, strophs and Godzilla mushroom. Some describe the flavour similar to a baked potato and red wine. Wild strophs pop up throughout the Summer and Fall fruiting in the wild in forest clearings. Wine caps are easy to cultivate outdoors using hardwood chips or straw, beds can be made in partial sunlight or full sun shaded between vegetable rows. I have grown them successfully around the bases of my tomato plants in pots or right in the vegetable garden! In contrast strophs grown in partial sunlight typically live up to their name and can exceed a great size hence the name garden giants!

Each bag will create a 3ft x3ft 4” deep mushroom bed. You may see mushrooms the first year depending on what month it was planted, it usually takes the following year to produce.

Once that area is colonized you can expand to another area by moving clumps of colonized mycelium and adding more hardwood chips/straw. Your bed will survive the Winter months by adding more hardwood chips/straw in the Fall if needed. If you have fallen leaves you can place a layer on top for extra insulation for the long Ontario Winters.

Fully cook mushrooms before consuming, do not eat raw.

Weight 3.5lbs – 1.58kg

Wine Cap grow kit instructions

Weight 3.5 lbs

1.58 kg